Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I will be no longer posting on this blog. Myself and a friend have setup up a new blog called Two4theGig where we will be reviewing live music and sharing info on events happening around Liverpool and Manchester.

You can follow Two4theGig on Facebook here: facebook.com/two4thegig and/or Twitter here: @Two4theGig

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Colossal Crowd Dive!

This is probably the most legendary thing I've done!

Taken at Twisted Wheel's gig at Gorilla in Manchester, UK on the 27th December 2013.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Revolutionary Modernist @ One Year

New logo
It's been a year since I kicked off Revolutionary Modernist as you might of guessed. I'm marking it with a new logo and cover, which I've designed using Adobe Photoshop. The logo has some shots of myself, the classic Quadrophenia quote by Jimmy, and one of my favourite photos, some Mods riding their scooters, looking super cool. A new cover (bottom of this post); a photo of me standing by the sea at Greve de Lec in Jersey and I've clustered some of the Mod things that are always on my mind into a thought bubble.

I did an interview to mark the anniversary, by thanking fans and readers, answering some questions, and also a Neck and Nominate, which has become a phenomenon of late.


So the anniversary of Revolutionary Modernist page...
Yeah, it's been a year now since we started, and we've had loads of likes on the page and a few thousand people have liked the blog, you know. Thanks a lot to everyone that's liked that, you know, it's unbelievable, it's amazing.
So Modernist, favourite track this year, anything in particular?
It's a difficult choice but it's gotta be John Newman - Love Me Again. It's a good tune, the Northern Soul influence makes it (made it) one of my favourites, despite it being a bit of a pop song which usually puts me off.
Best gig's gotta be, my favourite band The Tapestry, local lads, they just get everyone going, especially me at gigs. The gig at the Soup Kitchen back in August, you know, it was a bit of a sweat pit but everyone just went for it, I got on stage myself and the support acts made it a night to remember, probably the best gig I've been too yet.
What about the best moment of this year, that wasn't at that gig was it?
No it wasn't but it was at a gig and erm, at Twisted Wheel in Gorilla just after Christmas, you know, it was absolutely awesome. Great venue Gorilla, and the bands punkiness just caught me and I jumped on stage, jumped straight back off, straight into the crowd, and I was on the floor straight away on top of some little kid, and I'm 6'4 myself, I'm not small. I'll never forget that, I think I should retire from stage diving now.
Is there a best oldie that you've found song-wise?
There's two I've liked from doing research for the page and that's gotta be Psychotic Reaction by Count Five which is like the epitome of a classic garage rock tune, proper original Mod music. Then the others gotta be Carnation by The Jam.
What about your best item of clothing, there must be something?
I got a mint mackintosh, a classic Scottish rain mac, shipped over from Holland. I saw Liam Gallagher wearing one and I thought "aww I fancy one of them", got my hands on one; well happy.
And unsigned bands, you seem to go and watch them quite a bit
Love unsigned bands; Jordan Allen and The Sherlocks, I saw them in December. The Tapestry, my favourite local band, favourite band and New Street Adventure. I plan on seeing all of them a few times this year.
So what's in store next year for the Revolutionary Modernist site?
The main one's gotta be, that the college I study at have offered us some free web space so we're gonna be making a website for the page. Where we'll be posting all the vintage photos, new and old tunes, and fashion which everyone seems to love and adore.

New cover

Twisted Wheel @ Kraak (06/02/2014)

Last night I attended the second of Twisted Wheel's five gigs being held at Kraak in Manchester.

Originally planned to be just two gigs by the Saddleworth lads, the demand for tickets led to five gigs being organised. Last time I witnessed Wheel I was bouncing away at the front but this time, with it being a smaller venue, I viewed them from the background being more of a critic than a fan.

swegian four-piece The Velveteen Saints were down to get us ready for the head-liners. I enjoyed their tracks I'd found on SoundCloud and YouTube prior to the gig and I had missed them when they supported Twisted Wheel in 2013 and didn't want the same mishap. At Kraak the band's instruments were turned up so loud that you couldn't hear the lyrics properly, they did however succeed in getting everyone in the zone for Wheel. One particular song called Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead stood out to me and the band could do with some more tunes of that quality. Would I see them again, yes I would. Their front-man made it clear they were from Glasgow, Scotland by announcing that between their songs a few times. That is something you get a lot from Glaswegian bands, who are patriotic to their city and is a trait Mancunian bands have too, as both cities have a lot in common. 

The interval didn't take very long and Wheel began in the same way as the last time I watched them, with an extended solo intro of We Are Us by the drummer. Sound issues littered the first few songs, which didn't really bother myself and certainly didn't bother Wheel's die-hard fans who literally had the floor bouncing with them during every rockin' song. Twisted Wheel have some mega tunes and play with style, and thorough punkiness. Some new material is needed though, like they have a cult following and could guarantee hundreds at a gig but even the most passionate fan would love news of a album. 
A new year but no new songs was a let-down but it isn't gonna stop me from seeing Wheel again. A huge Twisted Wheel banner filling one of the walls, and the line "painting pictures of life" from the song Strife at the back of the stage were a good touch.

The venue Kraak is located down a tight alleyway in Manchester's Northern Quarter and I wouldn't of found it without seeing other gig goers heading down the ginnel, I was expecting someone from The Matrix to be on the doors! Inside it's not a massive venue and it's couches give it the essence of someone's living room. I was the first in there so the ticket man gave me a free TW badge which went straight on my mac. Friendly staff, easy access toilets, and most important of all some air conditioning puts Kraak up their with any small music venue.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Music Recommendations (31/01/2014)

A friend of mine was in need of some new music and asked me to recommend some. It's been a while since my last post on here so I thought I'd share my recommendations in case anyone else was in need of some.

Some of the music I've been listening too so far in 2014; couple of old, couple of new, couple of up and coming, and one different:

Paolo Nutini has a new song out 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' and his album is set for release in the Spring.

Noel Gallagher's full new album demos have been leaked on YouTube, track list and video are here.
1. Come On Outside (00:01)
2. She Must Be One Of Us (04:07)
3. Oh Lord!! (07:34)
4. It makes me wanna cry (Dying of the Light) (10:21)
5. Just Let It Come Down Over Me (14:53)
6. Freaky Teeth (17:20)
7. Revolution Song (21:12)
8. God Help Us All (25:02)

You should really give 'The Sherlocks' a listen, they're an up and coming band from Sheffield, yet to release an album but they're songs sound like The Courteeners/Arctic Monkeys and the lead singer has almost the exact same voice as Liam Fray. Whilst Liam Fray and his Courteeners have slacked, these boys are growing and could easily usurp the Manc band in popularity 2014.

The Slow Readers Club are a band you should check out. With a really good d├ębut album released in 2011, their latest single 'Forever In Your Debt' is arguable their best song yet. To me they sound like the legendary Joy Division mixed with The Editors, and they really impressed me live in December 2013.

Aaron Fyfe's debut EP - 'Closer to You' is really nice and mellow highly recommend as a change from any music you may of had too much of; like, rock/indie music if you're like me.

Tycho's 2011 album 'Dive' is the best chill out album I've heard, ambient techno, every track on it seems to free my mind from any stress, 9/10!

I'm going to invest in the new Breton album 'War Room Stories' when it's released on Monday (Feb 3). 'Envy' is a good lead single from it and the band seem to have put a lot into the album from interviews I watched/heard.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Spring Attire - Steve McQueen "The King of Cool"

 "The King of Cool"
Ideas for an outfit for the spring, inspired by the film star and legend, Steve McQueen. The actor’s "anti-hero" persona made him a top box-office drawer in his time. Besides his character, the man’s fashion won the ladies and influenced numerous Mods and many other subcultures. No one has pulled off chinos, Harrington’s and smart shades like The King of Cool did.

 Outfit idea here which is achievable for under £120 with a good look around. When things get a bit warmer you wanna return to the traditional Harrington jacket which is a smart/sharp piece of Mod kit and favourite of McQueen’s and the ‘007s. There’s talk of the roll neck coming back in and the spring will be a great time to add one to your wardrobe before it becomes too mainstream. Chinos of a light colour to suit the change in scenery and weather, and the trademark of Steve McQueen. Finally you can’t go wrong with a pair of desert boots and a dark’ish pair (I’ve gone for olive green) will go with the season.

Ben Sherman: Plectrum Harrington Bomber
Button-up Harrington collar, Zip front, Angled button-flap pockets, Branded Plectrum buttons & zipper, Contrast check lining, Deep ribbed cuffs & hem, Plectrum stud branding - available for under £50 from the Ben Sherman store.

Soul Star: Roll Neck Knitted Jumper
100% Acrylic, Roll Neck, Slim Fit, Long Sleeve, Fine knit, Ribbed cuffs - not too big or small neck and available for around £20.

Twisted Soul: Designer Chino Trousers
Slim fit, 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, good for the summer as well as the spring – good pair will be available for under £25.

Ikon: Gobi Olive Green Suede Desert Boot
Quality desert boots by Ikon in Olive Green, 100% real suede leather, with 2 lace eyelets, hardwearing sole unit – proper pair, £55, could halve that with a different brand.


Monday, 30 December 2013

Gig Review - Twisted Wheel @ Gorilla (27/12/2013)

Twisted Wheel put on one of the best live performances I've experienced in a sell-out post-Christmas gig at Gorilla in Manchester. 

Due to my train being delayed by 40 minutes I missed the two support acts Our Fold and The Velveteen Saints. Respect to both of them, who's studio work sounds pretty decent; hoping to see them in 2014. 
Upon entry to the venue The Velveteen Saints had just finished their set and salvoes of "WHEEL, WHEEL, WHEEL" were chanted every five minutes by the majority of the 600 fans in attendance. Santa Claus (>) had control of the tunes at the interval up in the DJ booth above the stage.

The support acts, attendance, and DJ had everyone up and ready for the headliners 100%. Up came the drummer Blair Murray who provided an extended intro of We Are Us solo which nearly took the roof off and got everyone up and ready 110%, great way to begin their set! Screams as loud as those heard at The Beatles gigs came from every female in the audience as the guitarists Max Lees and Adam Birchall and then front-man Jonny Brown came on stage. Song after song was delivered in real punk style, including a cover of The Beatles tune Day Tripper. Wheel also covered The Pogues Christmas classic Fairytale of New York mesmerically, with some extra hands on stage for the 'folk' required and other hands for throwing fake snow into the crowd. During the encore the live favourite You Stole The Sun was played and I 'under the influence' jumped on stage for a robotic dance then tried crowd surfing which failed as I hit the deck almost instantly. The punkiness of Twisted Wheel infected their die hard supporters and after finding my feet, then purchasing a new beer I returned to the action as loads of euphoric fans climbed on stage to be escorted or thrown off by the bouncers or (the latter) by themselves!
A top performance from TW, a great venue and a mental crowd put this gig up there with any I've witnessed and I urge all live music fans to see Twisted Wheel. Hopefully there will be some new studio material in 2014 by them. I've already got myself a ticket to see them again in February.

Prior to this gig I would of said Twisted Wheel are an indie rock band. Now I consider them punk rock; The Enemy/Oasis with a good bit of Sex Pistols on the side. Definitely a Mod influence going on in their image also, which is good.

I would give Gorilla the tag 'best music venue in Manchester' after last Friday. The venue's look was summed up well by my friend who stated "this is the first time I'll witness a band playing in an air raid shelter". Being in an arch way under a railway viaduct coupled with the interior gave it the look of a WW2 air raid shelter. A really good venue, with two bars each at either end of the place. No barriers let fans get almost up close and personal with the stage and some (including me) jumped on stage. Some air conditioning should be installed, it's small size filled with fans turned it into a sweat-box. Can't really complain about anything else, and I intend to see more acts at Gorilla.